Welcome to the Stem Cell Hotel !

A successful hotel looks after guests to fulfill their needs and ensure their happiness. We explore the complex but similar requirements of stem cells through the concept of a Stem Cell Hotel, modelling a day in the life of a stem cell.

 Stem Cell Scientists, as hotel managers, must offer a homely environment meeting these needs: providing stem cells with warmth, oxygen, clean shelter, food, and the opportunity to interact with others.

 We hope you and your Stem Cells enjoy your stay!



Created by Inês Sequeira (Scientist), with Chloe Hurling (PhD student), Felicity Hurling (Architect) and Flavia D’Amico (exhibition designer)

As producer of the exhibition I found Stem Cell Hotel a wonderful, dynamic and surprising addition to the collection of art works. It was eye-catching and full of ideas that allowed audiences to dwell on the science behind the installation, and be entertained by the innovative way of displaying the complex subject.

We had 9000 people engage with Paths to Utopia over the 3 months, and each work in the exhibition added an important idea for audiences to aggregate into their understanding about Utopia, and particularly how healthcare research is an integral part in the reality when considering what the word ‘Utopia’ means.

The installation is everything I would want to programme as an art work – challenging, surprising, layered and memorable. I hope it has another life!
— Andy Franzkowiak - Utopia 2016 Creative Producer, King’s College London