Being a scientist is not only discovering new things but also letting the public know the importance of these discoveries. The most rewarding aspect of being a scientist is being able to communicate the wonders of science research and inspire young creative minds to the magic and fun on Science!

Scientist for a Day

Can children ever be too young to be inspired to be scientists of the future?

I regularly organise lab visits for children. They spend a day in the lab with scientists and BEING scientist for a day! Children form London primary schools are invited to enter the real Stem Cell Hotel labs to interact with real cells.

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Stem Cells @Lunch Digested - PODCAST

Stem Cells @Lunch digested is a podcast series aiming to bring you weekly the breath of research that is happening at the Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine! With these podcast episodes we want to reach out to students interested in pursuing a career in Science/STEM subjects and the general public who is interested in knowing a bit more about our work.

If you have your questions or if you want to send us your comments just reach out to
We look forward digesting stem cells for and with you!

School visit

Bringing Scientists to Schools

What can be more inspiring than learning Science from a Scientist?

Teachers and Scientists work together to engage children into Science! I visit schools to talk about our research, discuss the current challenges in science and share our excitement about scientific discovery. The visits usual generate a wonderful scientific buzz across the school as children embark on a day of investigations.

Judith Kerr Primary School Pupil, 8 years old.

Judith Kerr Primary School Pupil, 8 years old.