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Portugueses pelo Mundo - Paris

Portuguese TV series broadcasted by RTP where Portuguese people living abroad take the public in a guided tour in their new city, showing their new life, the gastronomy, the culture, the architecture and share some curiosities of the new city. Want to know a little bit of "my" Paris?

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Paths to Utopia: Utopian Lab

The Paths to Utopia conversation series is co-produced by This is Tomorrow.

Discussion about the "Stem Cell Hotel" art installation at the Somerset House, as part of the UTOPIA2016 exhibition.


Little Portugal:

Telling the inspiring stories of Portuguese-speakers living in London

Portugueses no Mundo

Radio series from Antena 1. Alice Vilaça shares life stories from Portuguese spread all over the world.




Working at the Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine, at King's College London


Developing Science Outreach projects with Native Scientist:

Empowering immigrant communities through science. Widening scientists skills and participation in outreach. Promoting STEM learning and careers. Celebrating multilingualism.